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Purchase a physical copy of No! Wahala Magazine's second issue titled 'Aftermath'. Proceeds from the purchase goes towards printing future issues.

Issue 2: Aftermath

Aftermath is defined as ‘the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event. We are in a period of Aftermath. The Aftermath of a global pandemic such as COVID-19 constituted a worldwide lockdown. The Aftermath of climate change and the possibility of humanity becoming extinct if we don't act now. The Aftermath of civil unrest in various parts of the world, and the list goes on.

For issue 2, we invited African Photographers to explore the theme ‘Aftermath’ by submitting a body of work that represented the after-effects of a significant event.


We featured projects from 9 African Photographers namely; Oke Oluwasegun, Leila Bakouche, Issam Larkat, Kairu Phillip Peter, Hiba Zouane, Liasmine Fodil, Amine Machitouen, David Exodus, and Eyoeal Kefyalew.

No! Wahala Magazine is a print photography publication showcasing authentic visual stories told by African Creatives. It is also an educational platform helping African Photographers to better their visual story-telling skills through weekly/ monthly articles, Instagram lives, and yearly workshops/ mentorship schemes. 


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