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Safe Place Issue 1

On the 30th of November 2020, No! Wahala Magazine launched its first-ever much-anticipated issue titled ‘Safe Place’. Through the generous support of selfless individuals who donated to our go fund me page, we were able to raise more than enough funds to design, print and publish our magazine. 


The magazine’s theme explores the notion of a safe place, leading individuals to question where they find their security in. During such a crazy period as COVID-19 and nationwide lockdowns, this pandemic certainly left many individuals feeling vulnerable, lost and afraid. During times where everything around us seems to be going from bad to worse, the only thing to do is to tap into whatever it is that makes us feel guarded, this can be a thought, a memory, a person, a specific object or a particular place/ space. 


The magazine features the work of five diverse African Photographers such as kyle malanda (small caps intended) and her project ‘ABSENTIA’, Nelson Owoicho and his project ‘Oyálé’, Léa Thijs and her project ‘Safe House', KC Nwakalor and his project ‘Isolating With You Malichá’ and lastly Isabel Okoro and her project ‘Sister x3’. 


No! Wahala Magazine is a print photography publication showcasing authentic visual stories told by African Creatives. It is also an educational platform helping African Photographers to better their visual story-telling skills through weekly/ monthly articles, Instagram lives and yearly workshops/ mentorship schemes.