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No! Wahala Magazine is Africa's first contemporary photography magazine championing authentic visual stories by African Creatives. The term 'No Wahala' is Nigerian slang for 'don't worry' or 'no problem', summing up the message of African Photographers being able to tell their own stories themselves. Our focus is on highlighting the work produced by talented Creatives on the continent and getting them seen by industry professionals. No! Wahala magazine provides a platform for Photographers across Africa to create, get inspired, showcase their work, and gain visibility. Our magazines get sent to numerous Photo Editors, Curators, and Organisations across the World, so being featured is a way of possibly getting yourself commissioned, published, and lots more!​
If you are interested in having your work featured on our platforms, then please send an email to magazine@nowahalamedia.xyz with 5 to 10 images from a project an Artist bio, and a short narrative. 

Meet The Team

Anne Nwakalor

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

She is a British-Nigerian Visual Artist and independent Photo Editor focusing on representation and ethics within Photography.


KC Nwakalor

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He is a widely published Documentary Photojournalist whose work focuses on humanizing real issues in West Africa.

Idowu Kukoyi

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Lead Researcher

She is a British-Nigerian project coordinator who is passionate about spotlighting Africa-based artists beyond Africa.

Clare Patrick

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Curator & Writer

She was born and raised in Cape Town, and creates through a research-led practice, finding ways to make things that may seem invisible, visible.

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