We will be having our first publication printed in November 2020 and the theme for our first issue is ‘Safe Place’. 

What is your 'Safe Place'? Is it a person? A thing? A particular memory? Or is it a physical place? This topic leaves enough room to be as creative, conceptual, or straight forward as you wish, so make the most of it!

To submit work for this open call, kindly follow these guidelines.

For Photographers:

1. Select between 5- 10 relevant images from your project.

2. Rename the files using this format (Surname_1.jpg, Surname_2.jpg, etc)

3. Write a 200- 500 word narrative for your project.

4. Write your artist statement or a short biography.

5. Send all the above files through WeTransfer to magazine@nowahalamedia.xyz

For Writers:
1.  Write a story or article revolving around the theme 'Safe Place'

2. Write your short biography

3. Send all the above files in PDF to magazine@nowahalamedia.xyz

*Being featured is a great way of getting your work out and being seen by various Photo Editors, Curators, Galleries, and other important people in the creative industry.

This Open Call is currently closed. Keep a lookout for the distribution of our first issue in November!

If you are interested in stocking our magazine please send an email to magazine@nowahalamedia.xyz

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